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Setting up an email on a mobile device is not a task of a few minutes. Actually, you need to know about the right configurations that vary according to the respective email account. In this post, you will be able to know about setting up different emails on iPhone. Although the steps are given as per your ease you must wisely do the configuration so as to avoid any problems later. Because the settings of iPhone are far different from that of an Android so utmost care needs to be taken.

How to setup Roadrunner email on iPhone –

There are just minimal steps that you need to go through for the Roadrunner email account set up on your iPhone, they are given below and to be followed in the same manner.

Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars under your iPhone settings
Choose other > add mail account
Enter your name, roadrunner email address, and password
Tap save and set the incoming and outgoing server
Tap continue and restart your iPhone
You will have to enter the server ports in your mail account for the easy sending and receiving of the emails. You can connect with Roadrunner helpline number for more detailed information.

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